The vital bridge linking an expansive global network of +35 million digital nomads, with Coworks and Colivings around the world.  

We integrate ​​​spaces, nomads & enterpreneurs to co-create unparalleled experiences and foster shared economies 


  • Maximize your profits:
    Get access to an evergrowing community.
  • Personalized Technology:
    Optimize your service and take it to the next level.
  • Scale your business model: 
    Create valuable links between your members & foster shared economies. 


  • Access to a network: 
    Realtok connects you with Coworks, Colivings & Social Clubs to socialize around the globe.
  • Experiment: 
    Know local artists and enterpreneurs that share your vision of the world, and connect with their purpose. 
  • Participate: 
    Be a part of events and live unique experiences.
  • Develop: 
    Reach your maximum potential by learning from other members. 


  • A digital looking glass:
    Share your creations in our Marketplace and grow side by side with the community.
  • Global reach:
    Expand your reach to spaces and nomads around the world using our technology.
  • Support causes:
    We channel investment into triple impact proposals to fund social and environmental solutions. 
  • Be part of a community: 
    Connect with other artist and co-create pieces of art while generating unique experiences.

What are the benefits of joining the Realtok Community?

Increase your utilities  

We help you create an ecosystem that integrates nomads, artists and local enterpreneurs. Proffesionalize your service and take it to the next level.

Co-creation as a motto

Artists and enthusiasts join to co-create digital pieces of art & raise funds to co-participate in environmental and social impact causes.

The technology that binds

We create a bridge between your physical space and our community, for them to develop their talent and co-participate in projects & ideas. 

​Shared economies 

Strengthen your community by providing integration to a platform where they can develop common digital assets and commercialize them.

Want more reasons to join Realtok?


Ok. Imagine...

​Having a window to look at your community, discover their interests, passions and hear their concerns. This valuable information allows us to personalize and enrich their experiences in a unique fashion, by adapting their needs and desires. 

Thus, building a community where each member feels truly valued and understood. .  

¡Together, we co-create a space where every voice counts, and every step gets us closer to creating a unique community!

Discover how it works

Before we start, we want you to see how Realtok can revolutionize the way you manage your space. We offer you a free demo of its functions and potential, and answer all your questions. 

Also, we provide 100% assistance every step of the way.

Do you have a space, Cowork or Coliving? 

Team Leaders

Matías Wepfer, CEO

3 years experience as enterpreneur in Web3, +20 years in technology.
Experience as CTO in La Nacion Group. 

Claudio Garber, CFO

Web 3 Enterpreneur.
+15 years in Real Estate.
Experience in corporal finances. 

Nicolás Gulminelli, COO

25 years experience in IT.
Experienced in complex project coordination. 

​¿Questions? We'll put you on the right track. 

Apply for a demo and one of our experts will show you how our software adapts to your space. 

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