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Our Vision

The future of the financial system and real estate are boosted by the convergence of traditional investments, and blockchain / crypto technology.

There is a clear opportunity to develop our community of Realtokers, thanks to a 360º view of the real estate market, where all the players in the sector can join and mutually benefit.

We contribute to the ecosystem by facilitating access to the market for products of shared economies around the world, through a specialized marketplace to tokenize projects and buy and sell NFT tokens.

NFTs Projects

More than coworking, community

Lighthouse is much more than a temporary workspace. A community of active entrepreneurs and professionals vibrates here, whom we accompany in their growth, generating synergy and meeting places for everyone.

At Lighthouse you will be able to enjoy:
• Talks with leaders from different industries: technology, gamers, cryptocurrency.
• Art meetings, environment, culture, healthy life, wellness.
• Agenda of the local ecosystem with everything that happens in Punta del Este
• Outdoor meetings, after-office, moments of dispersion and relaxation.

I´m interested in this NFT Project

Are you a Real Estate Developer or Rental Operator?

Join us in an easy and reliable way and turn your traditional business into an NFT Project.


OurLeadership Team

Matias Wepfer

Team Lead

Claudio Garber

Investment Lead

Nicolás Gulminelli

PMO Lead

Martín Guzmán

Press Lead

Gonzalo Escribano

Technology Lead

Gabriel Molina

Financial Lead

Charly Besse

Marketing Advisor

Alejandro Rocco

Legal Lead

Joaquín Hernández

Blockchain Advisor

Laura Matta

Real Estate Lead

Tomás Aberasturi

Community Lead

Guido Grinbaum

Investment Advisor


These companies trust REALTOK and have the qualified human capital to deliver the value proposition. We are working together to execute the business plan.

Can your company help our DAO? We will be glad to hear from you, and your services

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Our DAO gives the possibility of joining from different roles.
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